The Verus Bonifatius Klinik is an acute hospital for psychiatry, psychosomatics and psychotherapy in accordance with § 107 (1) SGB V. Acute admission is possible around the clock.

Privately insured persons, persons entitled to subsidies and self-payers can be admitted to our clinic. For patients with health insurance, prior approval from your health insurance company is necessary, but we will be happy to help you take all the necessary steps. If you would like more information, you can contact us without obligation by e-mail or telephone.

Admission to our clinic is at the instigation of a registered doctor. In the case of elective treatments, it is usually necessary to apply for the costs to be covered by the private health insurance companies or benefits offices. However, if there is an acute risk or urgent medical need, a specialist medical certificate is sufficient. Self-pay patients can be admitted directly without any restrictions. For those with statutory health insurance, in addition to the referral from the attending doctor, a commitment from the health insurance company is necessary, which we will be happy to assist you in applying for.

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In order to have the costs covered by your private health insurance or state aid, the medical necessity of an (acute) inpatient hospitalisation must be confirmed by a specialist doctor or psychotherapist. Specialists in the fields of psychiatry, psychosomatics or psychotherapy, neurology or neurology are particularly suitable for this.

In the event of an acute admission, e.g. in case of endangerment aspects, we take care of clarifying the assumption of costs on the day of admission.

In the case of planned and longer-term stays, cost coverage must be obtained from your health insurance. For this, you usually need a more detailed statement from your outpatient specialist doctor or psychotherapist and, if necessary, also from your psychologist. Our patient management staff will be happy to advise you on the necessary steps.

Hospitalisation by a specialist or psychotherapist

In order to be admitted to our clinic, privately insured persons require a specialist’s declaration of the medical necessity of an inpatient hospitalisation. Ideally, you should also enclose a letter from a specialist doctor that discusses the treatment attempts that have been made so far and also explains why outpatient treatment is no longer sufficient in your case.

Acute admission

In case of endangering aspects, a direct admission can take place, for which only a specialist’s certificate for inpatient hospital treatment is required. Our clinic will clarify whether the costs will be covered.

Longer-term stays

An elective, planned treatment requires an application for cost coverage with the private health insurance company or allowance office. For this, you need a detailed statement from the doctor treating you as an outpatient.


Find out more here about admission and treatment at our clinic if you are treated as a self-payer. We offer you a direct admission without a cost absorption by a health insurance or a similar cost bearer.

If you wish to be admitted to our clinic as a self-payer, you will usually need a referral from a specialist doctor or psychotherapist. Once you have this, you can contact us and we will discuss all the important information for admission and treatment.

As a self-payer, you can be admitted at short notice, as no cost absorption has to be applied for. If you have any questions about admission as a self-payer, please feel free to contact us.


As a person with statutory insurance, you must first receive a hospital referral from your outpatient specialist or psychotherapist with a diagnosis according to ICD-10. You should then apply for a cost assumption declaration from your statutory health insurance. Some health insurance companies also require a cost estimate from the clinic of your choice, which you can request from the clinic.

As soon as your statutory health insurance fund has issued the cost assumption declaration, you are welcome to contact us at any time and present us with the hospital admission and the cost assumption declaration. Once all the necessary steps have been taken, you can be admitted to our clinic at any time.

Statutory health insurance funds can in principle contribute to the costs of treatment in a private clinic. However, the chances of success depend on the complexity of the disease pattern and the type and extent of treatment attempts carried out on an outpatient basis. The SHI only reimburses the costs that would have been incurred for comparable treatment in the nearest regular clinic. The difference between the reimbursed costs and the daily rate of the Verus Bonifatius Klinik must be paid by the patient. The daily rate is made up of the basic nursing rate for psychiatry and the departmental nursing rate for psychiatry. Private supplementary insurance or daily sickness allowance insurance can reduce the co-payment obligation, so that many patients with statutory insurance only have to make low or no co-payments.

It is expressly not advisable to be admitted to a private clinic without a written declaration of cost coverage from the SHI. To apply for a case-by-case assessment with the SHI, you should obtain a hospital referral from your specialist doctor or psychotherapist, attach specialist letters about previous treatment attempts and write an informal letter requesting a case-by-case assessment and reimbursement for acute psychiatric treatment at the clinic of your choice. If you have previously received outpatient psychotherapy, it is helpful to ask for a brief statement from the psychotherapist advocating and justifying inpatient treatment.

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