We offer a wide range of therapeutic measures that always focus on the whole person. In this way, body and soul are seen as one unit, so that ultimately holistic peace and harmony can be found.

Family therapy intervention

A family therapy intervention - also called family therapy - is a psychological therapy method that focuses on the family. The patient is not seen as an individual, but as part of the social reference system of the family.

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Marte Meo

Marte Meo is a method of therapeutic treatment based on the analysis of video recordings made by the therapist alone or together with the patient. In this way, the patient's behavior in certain situations can be viewed and further developed.

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The term naturopathic treatment is a relatively broadly defined term. It includes all methods and treatments that support the body's own forces for self-healing and therefore dispense with technological aids.

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Depth psychology (individual and group)

Depth psychology, or depth psychology-based therapy, comprises the methods of psychotherapy that are based on psychoanalysis and include further developments of this.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese medicine and other natural healing methods are based on thousands of years of experience and knowledge. Their use in psychosomatic illnesses can help open doors for a faster and more sustainable healing process in certain individuals.

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Behavioral therapy (individual and group)

Whereas most therapies actively try to influence and optimize ways of thinking or actions of the affected person, behavioral therapy tries to show patients methods that can help them cope with psychological or emotional problems and ultimately motivate the affected person to help himself.

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Talk therapy

Talk therapy aims to help patients better understand themselves and become aware of their needs and feelings. Therapists support the exploration of inner experiences in order to find solutions and answers to problems on their own.

Problem centered group therapy

In this form of therapy, participants work together to identify and solve their individual problems. Our therapists support the group by structuring and guiding the process of problem solving.

Crisis intervention

Crisis intervention therapy is a short-term, goal-oriented psychotherapy that aims to provide quick and effective support to people in crisis situations. This is often used in situations where people are facing sudden trauma or crisis.

Supportive psychotherapy

In supportive psychotherapy, patients are offered a support to effectively and directly contribute to the relief of emotional difficulties. Emotional needs are analyzed and understood so that better management is possible.

Learning relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques have a stress-reducing effect. Through close cooperation with patients, suitable techniques are identified which can be implemented in everyday life to counteract psychological and physical symptoms.

Body awareness, mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation

Improved body awareness and mindfulness help reduce stress and anxiety and improve overall well-being. Complementary progressive muscle relaxation promotes physical calm.

Behavioral training

Unhealthy behavior patterns and ways of thinking have a negative impact on psychological well-being. Positive behaviors can be learned through targeted training and replace negative ones.

Body, art and music therapy

Psychological problems are often difficult to express accurately. Through the use of musical instruments, dance movements and creative expression, patients are given the opportunity to better express their emotions and thoughts.

Manual therapy, lymphatic drainage

Manual therapy optimizes the mobility of joints, muscles and tissues and relieves pain. As a special form of manual therapy, lymphatic drainage aims to stimulate the lymphatic system and remove excess fluids and toxins from the body.

Fitness program (Zumba, Strong Nation, Pound Rockout Workout)

Through a structured plan of physical exercises, fitness, health and well-being of patients can be improved. With the help of diverse workout programs, the body is trained in a creative and adaptive challenging way.

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